Monday, April 30, 2018

Outreach, Inreach and Prepariing for the Future.

I recently helped on a stall at the Boyz2Men Men's Health Fair Event on the 28th of March at the West Indian Centre in Leeds LS7. It seemed to go pretty well and I even leafleted on the high street for a while to try to get more local people in. At the event I also attended a Question and Answer session with local men and a local male GP and this was absolutely brilliant! After 18 years in my post I will be retiring in October this year and I had a good meeting with senior managers in my School to discuss continuing this post and the recruitment process for a new person. In the School I have also continued to contribute to working groups such as one on staff equality issues - Athena Swann including attending a focus group on Flexible Working and I also attended The Transitions Team (which looks at student retention). For this group I wrote up a case study on my Inclusion Health - Valuing Diversity workshop on 'Working Class Doctors' plus I summarised two pieces of research on Widening Participation and it was great to hear that a fourth year medical student wants to make a video on her experiences coming to medical school and perhaps we need to collect more and diverse student stories to share with the early year students. I continue giving my time back to the community by being on the management committee of The Jigsaw Visitor's Centre (Leeds Prison), Leeds Men's Health & Wellbeing Network, Leeds BME Hub, and The City of Sanctuary Health Network. In Campus to Clinic 1/2 I have given feedback on 50 of the student brief community visit reports (one side of A4) and only have 70 more to do by the 29th of May but another enjoyable and rewarding few months working with students and community organisations. SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? . Alfie Evans case: Proposed law aims to prevent conflicts between parents and doctors. . Indian paediatrician arrested over deaths of dozens of children gets bail after campaign to free him. . Junior doctor whistle blowers need protection they can trust, says Robert Francis. . Government is slow to act on NHS sustainability recommendations, says peers. . UK will explore net zero carbon emissions policy by 2050. . UK needs over 700 paediatric consultants, says Royal College. . NHS hospital drug costs are set to surpass spending in primary care. . Illicit drug use should not be a crime, says Royal College of Physicians. . NHS accountable care organisations would be unlawful campaigners tell high court. READ ALL ABOUT IT! With best wishes, Barry


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