Monday, March 26, 2018

Continuing Community Commitment

I have recently been helping to plan a Men's Health Fair with the Boyz2Men Project for diverse men in Leeds LS7/LS8 as their 12 month Clinical Commissioning Group funding comes to an end. I hope the fair on the 28th of March goes well and I will also be helping on Leeds Men's Health and Wellbeing stall at the event. We will then possibly be looking for some new funding to continue this valuable work in the future. I continue to attend our School's Transitions Team (to aid student retention) and I wrote a small piece for them on the School's Widening Participation work plus on my IDEALS 2 Inclusion Health - Valuing Diversity workshop on Working Class Doctors. I gave a brief talk to the BME Hub at Leeds Civic Hall in March on the work of Leeds Men's Health & Wellbeing Network (with Claude Hendrickson our Chair) and we think that this stimulated a very useful discussion. The University and College trade union (UCU) recently put on some really innovative Teach Out talks in the local community and I attended a few which I think were excellent. One was on an early 19th Century Black Chartist Leader in England (William Cuffay) and some argue that often Black people (like the working class in general) may often be written out of history. The other was on 'The 1938 Jamaican Labour Rebellion' and perhaps it could be argued that perhaps we can learn much from history. Finally I am currently marking the first and second years' Campus to Clinic brief reports (one side of A4) on their community visits whilst at Primary Care and hopefully these experiences will help the students to think more holistically about healthcare. As future doctors they may also then be able to signpost some patients to voluntary groups for additional support. I have marked 45 so far out of the 120 and they have until the end of May 2018 to do this. The student reports never fail to pleasantly surprise me particularly concerning the diversity of the organisations that they have visited. SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? * Questions of research conduct follow Trump's pick for CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) director. * Doctors can take blood from Skripals for chemical weapons testing, rules judge. * BMA and government reach agreement on doctors' bonus scheme. * Call for new impetus to tackle TB across Europe. * Vote on legalising assisted dying in Guernsey is due in months. * Five medical schools are created in England in a bid to increase home grown doctors. * Brexit negotiators must seek "closer possible regulatory alignment" to protect patients and industry. * Britons in last year of life had 1.6 million emergency admissions. * Child health crisis calls for urgent action must not go unheeded. READ ALL ABOUT IT! With best wishes, Barry


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