Monday, December 11, 2017

End of Term and Happy Holiday!

We currently have 32 year 2/3 medical students out with community organisations in Leeds on placement as part of the RESS Pre-Xmas Student Selected Projects (Community) Programme. I have a feedback meeting with the students on Friday the 14th of December after the placements finish and I will then hear if the placements went well or if anything could have been done differently. I mark the students reflective diaries and community newsletter articles from these in January and they are usually really enjoyable to read. I am also currently getting some of the short reports (one side of A4) on student community visits whilst at Primary Care as part of Year 2 Campus to Clinic and I offer brief feedback to the students on these. The first years do Campus to Clinic from January next year and again in small groups of four they also have to carry out community visits and it is always interesting to read about the diverse range of community organisations that the students have visited. SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? . . Judge grants anonymity to hospital treating brain damaged baby to protect staff. . NHS pays £45,000 to family of woman who was kept alive against her will. . Make detaining patients who can't pay their medical bills illegal. . Leading doctors back legal action to force UK government to act on carbon emissions. . Brexit could mean delays for cancer treatments and less safe medicines. . Personalised diet advice could tackle obesity, report advises. . NHS England and government are on collision course over funding. . Welsh opt-out law fails to increase organ donations. . US tax bill could destroy central pillar of Obamacare. . Four week target for children to access mental health services proposed. READ ALL ABOUT IT! A Happy Christmas, A Happy Holiday, and A Happy New Year to All! With best wishes, Barry


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