Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More Community Work and Planning Student Community Interactions

I have attended a number of planning meetings for a HARP (Health Access for Refugees Project) Conference to be held at The Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds on the 14th of December, as the funding for this very worthwhile project comes to an end. The great concern of those working with such vulnerable groups is that the Government is proposing to bring in charges for some health services for such groups which some believe could be a public health risk as well as costing the NHS more in the long-term? I am also on the Boyz2Men Steering Group in Leeds and this exciting project works with BME men in LS7 and LS8 and is trying to get men to adopt healthier lifestyles. The project has just submitted their six monthly report and I was very impressed by the efforts of its two part-time members of staff. In our School our Green Team is hoping to retain its Silver Award in 2017/18 as we also incorporate level 9 of our building as well as continuing our work on our level 7. It will soon be time in Leeds for The White Ribbon Campaign 16 Days of Action from the 25th of November (this gets men to also address issues of domestic violence) and I will be promoting this particularly amongst the voluntary sector in the city. In the School we are also planning for Campus to Clinic Years 1&2 where students (in groups of four) visit local voluntary groups whilst at Primary Care. In the RESS Programme we will also have 32 Year 2/3 medical students (mainly in pairs) out with diverse voluntary groups in the city over the first two weeks in December and all the organisations involved have now been given the students names. I also had an interesting meeting with Valerie Farnsworth in the School who is leading on IDEALS 1 Unconscious Bias Training and this it is argued can have an impact upon all of our thinking. I finally went to a really lovely inaugural talk given by Professor Laura Stroud in the School on 'The Art of Leadership' and Laura concluded that, "Leadership is a privilege" plus she also drew from the famous Black Report that suggested the greatest poverty is "The poverty of aspiration." SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? . Uganda grapples with Marburg disease (Ebola-like) outbreak. . Voters back Obamacare in local and state elections (USA). . NHS needs £4b boost in budget to protect care, think tank warns (Health Foundation, Kings Fund, Nuffield, joint analysis). . GP Leader urges government to step up investment. . Government launches scheme to deliver five "breakthrough technologies" a year. . Patients' views were side lined as STPs were launched, says Healthwatch England. . "Weekend effect" is not reduced by clinical standards designed to tackle it, study finds. . NHS should be "first port of call" for potential Brexit savings, says Hunt. . Delhi fights for air under toxic fog. . Trumps' promises on opioids not backed by funds. . Uncertain overseas recruitment is threatening care NHS Leaders warn. READ ALL ABOUT IT! With best wishes, Barry


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