Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Working with the voluntary sector

I recently attended a meeting of Leeds City of Sanctuary and it is a worry that refugees (or more particularly asylum seekers) may be charged for some health services (including maternity and possibly even vaccinations) if current government proposals go ahead. Some of us are very concerned at the possible negative impact of this on health in diverse and often poorer communities. I also attended a meeting of Leeds Men's Health & Wellbeing Network Executive Committee and it was great to hear about the excellent work being done by theBoyz2Men Project in Leeds LS7 and LS8 which is getting BME men to take part in more healthy activities. We will be meeting soon to see how this model could be extended and hopefully to explore the potential for rolling it out to other inner-city areas in Leeds. A lot of exciting things are being planned in the city for the 16 Days of Action around The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) from the 25th of November, 2017. WRC also gets men to address issues of domestic violence and I am on the Planning Group for this to try to promote the days particularly amongst the voluntary sector in the city. With the Jigsaw Visitor's Centre we have had to look at one Tender bid again (to possibly run another prison's visitor centre) and we will decide if we should go ahead with this shortly. In the School we had the first of our two IDEALS 2 Language Lab Workshop sessions and these offer basic welcoming phrases in BME languages common to the region (plus we run workshops on Sign Language) and the first workshops went really well. It is great that the tutors say a bit about the background to the language and its culture at the beginning and hopefully the sessions will help to build a future better rapport between diverse patients and doctors. SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? . Locum pay is up 6% after tax change. . Backlash prompts WHO to withdraw "goodwill ambassador" role for Mugabe. . Doctor whose scrubs emitted smell of alcohol is cleared of drink driving. . GP who tried to discredit college is struck off. . Private sector needs extensive reform to protect patients, says think tank. . New Primary Care model expands to 200 sites across England. . Limits on prescribing will harm rural and poorer patients, doctors warn. . Department of Health issues warning over cut price GP indemnity scheme. READ ALL ABOUT IT! With best wishes, Barry


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