Monday, September 25, 2017

Community based medical education gets under way!

Along with others I gave a short talk to year 2 medical students on the Campus to Clinic part of the curriculum last week and I focussed on their community visits to voluntary groups whilst at Primary care. I gave the example of food banks and if a doctor had a family as patients who simply weren't getting enough food to eat then if the doctor did research on their local community they may find a local food bank they could refer the family to, and this may also help the students to think more holistically. Another example would be signposting potentially socially isolated older patients to local older peoples' projects and these are also examples of what the NHS calls 'social prescribing.' We also had our year 2/3 RESS December Pre-Xmas Student Selected Projects Open Afternoon in the School and I was available to talk to students about the Community option plus to answer any questions they may have. Overall 37 students came to hear about our option. Our IDEALS 2 Language Lab workshops start in October 2017 (over 2 weeks) and we cover BME languages common to our region plus sign language and there is also a workshop on 'English in a medical setting' which is geared primarily towards international students. The purpose of these workshops is for the students to learn some basic welcoming phrases in BME languages and to build a better rapport with diverse groups of patients. There are also a range of video podcasts on each language available on our virtual learning environment for the medical students. In these sessions we ask the tutors to start by saying a bit about the background to the language and about the culture that the language comes from. In October we will also have the first of our 2 IDEALS 2 Inclusion Health - Valuing Diversity workshops where we bring in outside organisations and individuals to run small group interactive workshops on diversity topics. The first workshops are proceeded by a guest lecture on Deaf Awareness by Howard Beck from Leeds City Council which usually proves very popular. In December I will have 34 year 2/3 students out on placement on the RESS Community option and will then have their reflective diaries and community newsletter articles to mark. SO WHAT'S IN THE BMJ THIS WEEK? . GPs in an "invidious" position to prescribe ADHD drugs without specialist knowledge. . NHS bosses reject GPs' request to close patients list. . Last ditch effort to repeal Obamacare gathers steam. . Just 3% of patients with long term conditions have a written care plan. . One in 10 parents with child in neonatal care don't see a consultant in 24 hours, audit finds. . CQC rates 90% of general practice good or better. . BMA urges more career flexibility and better occupational support to fight workforce crisis. . Serious incident investigations for cerebral palsy are "poor quality," says watchdog. . You Tube videos promote positive image of alcohol, finds study. . General practice funding rose by 3% last year. . Few novel antibiotics in the pipeline, WHO warns. . Mental health services turned down help for 50,000 young people in England last year, report estimates. READ ALL ABOUT IT! With best wishes, Barry


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